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What will happen in the first mediation meeting?

At the first meeting you will be asked to sign the Agreement to Mediate.  Some ground-rules are agreed and you will discuss the issues that you wish to raise and decide the order in which you want to deal with them.  

If you need to sort out financial arrangements, you will be asked to provide full information about your financial situation and you will be also asked to supply supporting documents.  The mediator will help you pull all the financial information together in a way that is easy for you both to understand. 

The mediator will help you both start to discuss the issues and help you get over your point of view to the other person but also help you to listen to and understand what the other person has to say.  Very often you will both be worrying about the same things. 

If your situation is straightforward, you may be able to start working out some options in the first meeting but more likely, this will not happen until the second or subsequent meetings.  Your mediator will check that you both still wish to continue with the process and if so will arrange another meeting for you.  You may be given some tasks to complete before the next meeting and it is important that you complete these.