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What will happen in subsequent mediation meetings?

The mediator will help you identify the options open to you.  If you need to resolve financial issues before this can be done the will help you build up a financial summary of your respective positions and make sure that you both fully understand it and it is only when this is complete that you can start working out possible options.  Once you have some options to consider your mediator will help you weigh up the various options looking at how each of you would be affected as well as your children and helping you work out if options are affordable and practical.  The mediator will not tell you what to do but may be able to suggest ideas you have not thought of.  The aim is to find a solution that you both think is fair. 

The mediator will not be able to give you legal advice but can give you general information about the law and about the way the legal system works.  You may need to get your own legal advice and you can obtain this at any time – before, during or after mediation.