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What should I do now?

If you would like to make an appointment or if you have to consider mediation and attend a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting (MIAM)  before you can make an application to the Court, download the Client Self Referral form from our Downloads section, complete it and if possible

E-mail it to

You can also write to us at: Sue West Family Mediation, St George's House, 6 St George's Way, Leicester, LE1 1QZ.   

Or ring us on 0116 2014474.

We will then arrange an assessment meeting for you to find out more information.  In attending this meeting you are not committing yourself to mediation but we will help you identify all your options. 

Although mediation meetings themselves are usually joint meetings, you may come to the MIAM either together or separately.  The meeting could be with Sue or with one of her consultant mediators.  We will explain to you some more about how mediation works and check out with you whether mediation is appropriate.  If you do attend together the mediator will ask to see each of you briefly on your own at the start of the meeting to make sure that neither of you feels under any pressure to take part and to check that mediation is suitable in all the circumstances. 

There is a charge of £120.00 for the initial assessment meeting if you attend on your own and this initial meeting will take no more than an hour.  If you come to a joint meeting the charge will be £90.00 each and will take up to an hour and a half. 

If after the MIAM you both wish to take part in mediation, we can then arrange a date for a mediation meeting which would normally last 90 minutes.  A mediation meeting costs £200.00 for each of you and this charge includes the cost of writing to you after the meeting with a full report on the issues discussed.  If mediation does not take place, you will be issued with the form signed by the mediator which is needed for Court proceedings.

Legal aid is available through this service so that Assessment meetings and mediation are provided free of charge if you are financially eligible and provide the relevant evidence to confirm this. If you wish to be assessed for legal aid please say so when you book the appointment.  Indeed if one of you establishes you are eligible for legal aid, the MIAM is then free for of both you. If you then participate in mediation you will be able to obtain some free advice from a solicitor under the “Help with Mediation” scheme. We will usually see you separately to assess your eligibility before contacting the other party as telling them it is free is a good incentive to persuade them to come along.

We appreciate that you may wish to know whether you might get legal aid before booking a meeting and if this is the case please complete and return the Preliminary Legal Aid Assessment form which is also available on our download section with your referral form. 

We offer Legal Aid Drop in Sessions when you can be assessed for legal aid free of charge whether you qualify or not.  For details of our Drop In Sessions please look at our Legal Aid Section. 

If you need more information please e-mail us on or ring 0116 201 4474.