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Why should I go to mediation?

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Clients who have been through mediation, report that it has made communication between them easier and has made their separation or divorce less bitter and has reduced stress.

As from 22nd April 2014 before a person can make an application to the Family Court to resolve disagreements about children or money, they must attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) unless limited exemptions apply.  This is because the government and Courts believe that mediation is a good way to help families resolve their differences.  The Court also has power to tell someone who has not attended a MIAM to do so and the Cort proceedings will be adjourned for this to take place.

Mediation may now be the only way that you will be entitled to receive any form of legal aid in relation to a family dispute.  If you are entitled to receive legal aid in mediation you will then be able to receive some advice from a solicitor under the "Help with Mediation" scheme.

In appropriate cases, your children can be offered the opportunity to talk in complete confidence to a mediator about their feelings and research has shown that this can be beneficial to all involved.

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