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How much does it cost?

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Going to Court can be very expensive.  Most people want to avoid this if possible and Mediation can help avoid Court Hearings.

You will need to attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) first. There is a charge of £145.00 for this meeting which you will attend separately. If mediation is not appropriate for any reason, you will each be issued with a declaration that you have attended a MIAM which will be needed if you wish to make an application to Court.  The cost of this declaration is included in the cost of the assessment meeting.  We do ask that payment is made before booking the assessment.

A mediation meeting lasting 1 hour will cost £133.33 each and one lasting 90 minutes will cost £200.00 each.  We make no additonal charges for letters and administration.  If you wish us to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding and a Financial Summary the case the cost will be in the region of £200.00, but this can sometimes be done more cheaply.  We do not request payment in advance for mediation meetings as we do not know how long the meeting will take.

This may seem a lot but the cost of taking part in mediation can be significantly lower than both of you paying solicitors to collect information and negotiate for you. Research suggests that it is less than a third.  Charges are always fully discussed before mediation starts and you will be given an estimate of costs based on your situation. 

The charges quoted are inclusive of VAT.  We accept payment in cash or by card (excluding American Express).

Cancellation Policy

It is with regret that as a service we have had to bring in a cancellation policy.  We aim to provide a quality service to all our clients most of whom want to be seen quickly.  When an appointment is made, time is set aside for you and appointments cancelled at short notice mean we are not able to offer that appointment to another client and this results in longer wait times for appointments.   If an appointment has to be rearranged, we do ask that you provide as much notice as possible.  If however appointments are cancelled with less than 2 working days’ notice we will apply the following charges:

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting – The payment made on booking is non-refundable.   

Mediation Meetings – A charge of £133.33 for each party will be applied to the cancelled booking.

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