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More about the Service

Sue West Family Mediation  - Who are the mediators?

Sue West qualified as a solicitor in 1987 and immediately began advising clients on issues relating to family law.  In 1990 Sue joined a well known local firm of Solicitors that appears in the Legal 500 eventually becoming Head of the Family Department.  Sue became disillusioned with the adversarial nature of the divorce process and wanted to find a better way of helping families.  She trained as a family mediator in 1997.  Sue gradually ended up doing more and more mediation and less “legal” work.  She set up this mediation practice in 2004 which was the first completely independent mediation service in Leicestershire.  Sue is a member of the Family Mediators Association.  Sue was elected by her fellow mediators to sit on the Family Mediators Association (FMA) Board of Trustees in September 2012 and sat on the Board for 3 years.  Although now retired from the Board Sue is still very much actively involved with the FMA and sits on their Legal Aid and Education Committees.

The service has helped an ever increasing number of clients over the years and Sue needs help to meet demand. 

In 2012 Sue was absolutely delighted when Danka Neuborn who is a very experienced mediator joined the service.  Danka was previously a partner at Wilson Browne Solicitors and not only mediated but practised as a collaborative lawyer as well.  Danka is highly respected and well known in the fields of mediation and was the very first mediator in the country to be accredited to undertake publicly funded mediation.

Why choose this service?

Separation and divorce are very stressful and there can often be legal issues that arise that are difficult to understand.  Particularly, in relation to financial issues there can be pitfalls that you can easily miss and issues you may not be aware of.  The mediators' legal backgrounds will help guide you through the process ensuring you both reach decisions giving you the best outcome for you and your family.

The service can provide a wealth of experience.  Sue has conducted thousands of assessment meetings and hundreds of mediations.  Between the two of us we have close to 40 years' experience in the field of mediation.

Sue and Danka are both Family Mediation Council Accredited (FMCA) Mediators and are able to sign MIAM forms for Court.  Not all mediators are so authorised.  If you attend an assessment meeting with a mediators who is not a FMCA Mediator, you will have to attend another with an authorised mediator if you wish to apply to Court. 

We are currently able to offer Assessment Meetings and Mediation by Zoom.

In addition, Sue is able to provide Child Inclusive Mediation in appropriate cases.